Guantanamo Bay hunger strike

A human rights lawyer says a growing number of inmates at Guantanamo Bay have joined a hunger strike. David Remes says out of 166 prisoners, around 130 are now on strike, in protest against conditions and indefinite confinement. He says the U.S. military has acknowledged that 100 inmates are on strike. Remes, who represents 17 detainees at the camp, says some inmates are being forced-fed. SOUNDBITE: (English) DAVID REMES, HUMAN RIGHTS LAWYER, SAYING: “One of my clients said that it’s like having a razor blade go down through your nose and into your throat. They restrain detainees who don’t need to be restrained – that’s been happening during the hunger strike because they want to make it as miserable as possible to be on hunger strike. Sometimes they use tubes that are larger than necessary, circumference-wise, which causes extra unnecessary pain.” The U.S. military is sending additional medical help to the camp as the strike continues. It began early February, when guards seized belongings during a search.
Courtesy : Reuters


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