Foreign intervention in Mali

English: Bareina, a small desert village in th...
According to the current news, French forces have entered Mali to assist Mali government against rebel forces who are advancing towards the capital. Now French aircrafts are targeting possible rebel targets outside the capital. War has intensified and people are migrating to neighboring Mauritania for safety and shelter. Mali is a poor country and due to escalating war people are finding it hard to provide daily necessities to their families. Every war brings casualties; the French lost its first combat soldier after the start of the war. A French secret agent also lost his life in Somalia after a failed rescue operation conducted by French especial forces in Somalia.
Although the French president has assured that his forces would complete combat mission within a weeks but ground realities are different. Reality is that recent experience in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan wars proved that instead of solving problems and bring stability, foreign intervention makes things worse in these countries. Air strikes have killed innocent people and foreign intervention provides more opportunity to rebel forces to use for their propaganda purpose and hire more recruits to carry out their agenda.
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