UN’s historic move

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In a historic move, the United Nation’s General Assembly overwhelmingly voted in favor of the Palestinian authority becoming a non-observer state according to the 1967 borders. Although three permanent members of the UN Security Council, namely France, Russia and China, along with many other countries voted in favor of Palestine’s bid for independent observer status, the move was strongly opposed by the US, Israel and its close allies. 

Israel fears that after being granted the new status, Palestine can apply to the International Criminal Court over claims about alleged Israeli war crimes. US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu had urged the Palestinian authority to resume dialogue with the Israelis to solve the protracted crisis rather than applying for observer status. 

The reality is, however, that despite long negotiations and several peace building road maps being forwarded by US authorities during the last 45 years, the Palestinian people have gained nothing other than death, destruction and the long siege of Gaza. Despite the serious reservations among the world community and the US, Israel’s illegal settlements are still being built. Things went from bad to worse after Israel continued its air strikes against Gaza. The killing of innocent women and children by F-16s, drones, and guided missiles has become a big challenge for the conscience of the modern world. 

After the continual disappointments of negotiations and peace talks, the Palestinian authority rightly decided to go to the UN and apply for independent status via the General Assembly. 

Khawaja Umer Farooq


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