Raising Corruption in Pakistan

With government silence and weak laws corruption is becoming part and parcel of daily lives of Pakistani people. Due to political influence, corruption, non merit and miss management profitable institutions like Pakistan Railways, Pakistan International Airlines, Pakistan Steel Mills, Banking sector and several others are taking their last breaths. According to media news the Supreme Court was informed that the Pakistan International Airlines had suffered a Rs119 billion loss last year alone.

Only month ago national assembly was informed that Pakistan railways suffered 27bn rupees losses due to hike in diesel prices. After worse financial crises of its history Railway has closed several operations in different parts of country and now find, it hard to pay salaries and pensions to employees.

Despite receiving 8.5bn bailout package from government, Pakistan Steel Millis is also passing through worse stage of its history. In national assembly Minister of State for Production accepted that Pakistan Steel Mills is giving worst performance for which we are ashamed. True reality is that all appointments in government institutions are politically motivated which is a main cause of disaster. Most of the organizations heads belong to ruling political party and these people consider themselves above all accountability and laws. Despite worse performance of leading government institutions and serious charges of corruption several heads of these organization are enjoying luxury lives and taking huge salary packages which is very unfortunate.

Jeddah, KSA
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