Preventing cyber war

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New wave of cyber attacks around the world on sensitive installations prove that cyber threat has 

become reality in these days. Despite growing cyber attacks world community is doing nothing to prevent this threat. It seems true that big powers are preparing for possible cyber war, hiring hackers and enhancing their cyber capabilities. After increasing cyber attacks battle of words is still going on between US, China, Russia and Iran everyone accuses each other of cyber attacks but no one want to face realties. After popularity of social media extremist organizations are widely using internet these days to enhance their agenda. They also launched several cyber attacks against their rivals and threat is growing. Financial and economic effects are more disastrous and Cyber war is more harmful than normal war and we can easily imagine its harmful effects. Although some countries have introduced tough laws against cyber crimes but at the time when poverty is growing in third world countries and Europe is facing worse financial crises most of countries are not able to allocate extra funds to prevent cyber threats. Only tough laws against cyber crimes and interest of big powers can improve further deterioration in the situation.

Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

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