Pakistan Grim Agriculture Sector

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Pakistan observed World food day just days ago. Recent report of UN food and agriculture department presents grim picture of Pakistan agriculture sector. According to report forty eight countries are worst affected from food shortage these days Pakistan ranked 16th. Agriculture is a key sector of Pakistan economy but last three years performance of this sector has declined sharply which caused further harm to country’s already weak economy. Now It seems true that like other fields of life agriculture sector is also passing through worse stage of its history and big portion of population who are attached with agricultures find it hard to survive.

A country with its 70 percent population attached with agriculture sector and have world largest irrigation system, very large fertile land is facing this type of disaster. Although government blames recent floods and worse peace situation in North west frontier province for recent worse performance of agriculture sector but people believe that several other factors are working behind this disaster. Raising price of fuel and fertilizer, worse energy crises, lack of water and government’s lack of interest are main causes of this disaster.

Now government is planning to import sugar and other commodities from other countries which is very unfortunate. Worse performance of agriculture sector is also affecting country’s exports and industrial sector. Prices of raw material is becoming high and due to raising prices industrial sector finds it hard to compete with other countries. Despite growing problem government economic team is still not able to face realties and prepare policies according to situation.

Jeddah, KSA
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