Illegal Arms Trade

Campaign Against Arms Trade

Monday, September 03, 2012 – According to media news U.S. arms sales to other countries nearly tripled last year to $66.3 billion. Congressional Research Service has recently issued report detailingthat American arms sales hit a record high in 2011. US small arms trade also grows to $8.5 billion a year and Israel is one of the top exporters of US weapons with sales worth US$12.9 billion. Its seems true that present modern world several wars, conflicts, militias, war lords are alive thanks to US weapon industry. Now unmamed drones, fighter jets, missiles and bombs are killing more people every year than natural disasters. True reality is that several billion dollar illegal weapon trade has become big threat for peace and security of modern world. Use of legal and illegal weapons is very common these days not only in third world poor countries but also in modern countries like US, France and Germany. Several bloody conflicts from Asia to Africa are getting all types of weapons through arms trade. 

According to new estimates seventy four thousand women and children lost their lives every year because of Illegal weapons trade. Despite killing of large number of people every year world community is sitting silent and doing nothing to minimize illegal and legal arms trade because illegal arms trade is providing enough support to ailing economy of several countries including USA. UN member states have failed to agree on common draft to regulating the multibillion dollar arms trade. However they agreed to hold more talks on the matter in future but things are going bad to worse after lack of interest of big powers. Many member nations accused the United States of blocking agreement after months long negotiations. Now Washington is asking more time to review its strategy. Recent failed negotiations also show that big powers have established their monopoly in UNO and UNO can do nothing without approval of big powers which is very unfortunate. Some big powers also have not yet signed lands mines banning treaty because of personal benefits. Thousands of people lost their lives every year in war affected countries because of land mines. Use of cluster bombs and banned weapons against civilian population is very common these days and due to lack of interest of big powers civilian casualties increased dramatically in war affected countries.

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