Venezuela president Hugo Chavez died

CaracasVenezuela president Hugo Chavez died on 6th March, 2013.  He is 58.  He was suffering from cancer since a couple of months.  With the death of Chavez, the future of Latin America is now uncertain. The news of death of Chavez was announced by Vice-president Nicholas.  He spoke to the television reporters from Caracas militaryhospital.  Chavez was seen as a populist leader by the supporters.  His critics called him neo fascist.  He was an engaging speaker and charismatic personality.
Hugo Chavez was admitted into the hospital on 18th February, 2013. It was decided to continue the chemotherapy treatment.  Earlier, he was operated for cancer in Cuba.  That was the fourth cancer surgery he underwent since June, 2011.
Hugo Chavez was the president of Venezuela for 14 years.  Now the country will have to go for polls.  Maduro is presently the temporary president of Venezuela.  Chavez has become the symbol of Latin America.  In 2012 December, he went to Cuba and was out of public sight.  There were many rumors about his health.  Few photos were released in January which showed him on the bed in a hospital.  He was looking at his two daughters who were beside him.
Chavez was the favorite leader for poor.  He spent the country’s revenue earned from oil on building houses for poor, health, food and education of them.  Other Latin America leaders who followed Chavez have lost a good friend with the death of Chavez.
Chavez’s body is kept in the military academy for people and other leaders to visit.  Final rites for the body will be performed on Friday.  Hundreds of mourners came out on the streets to pay tribute to Chavez.
Hugo Chavez biography
  • Chavez was born on 28th July, 1954 in Sabneta of Western Venezuela
  • He studied in public schools and joined as a candidate in Venezuelan MilitaryAcademy in 1971
  • He worked as a paratrooper and military academy history teacher
  • On 4th February, 1992 he attempted coup against Carlos Perez, then president.  Chavez was given the punishment of 30 years in prison but was pardoned by the next president
  • On 6th December, 1998 he was elected as reform candidate
  • He was reelected in 2006 and also in 2012
  • He is survived by four children and four grand children

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