Killing of Polio Workers

21 December, 2012 

Child receiving polio vaccine.
Child receiving polio vaccine
According to media news thousands of Pakistani children are at high risk of Polio disease after killing of ten polio workers most of them were women in Karachi and other different parts of country. After well coordinated attack and killing of several polio vaccination program workers UNO has stopped polio vaccination campaign in Pakistan. Due to large area and large campaign government find it hard to provide security to thousands of workers who are taking part in polio vaccination campaign. Pakistan is at high risk of polio disease last year more than two hundred cases of polio reported in different parts of country now after worst security situation polio vaccinating camping has become big challenge for government.

Last year Militants organizations had banned vaccination campaign in their influence areas. According to health officials thousands children are facing risk of Polio disease because government in not able to organize vaccination campaign due to security concern. Vaccination campaign in Pakistani tribal area is also worst affected after last year fake vaccination campaign organized by CIA to hunt down Osama Bin Laden in Abbotabad Pakistan. Pakistani doctor who organized fake vaccination campaign is sentenced to 33 years. After Abbotabad operation several foreign medical teams have left the tribal area because of security concern.

Local health official also received threats from militants. Militants has already banned health workers to enter South and North Waziristan for immunization campaign. According to health officials due to ban imposed by militants record number of Polio cases reported this year. Due to last year worst floods and army operation thousands of families have migrated to temporary shelters and don’t have proper medical and sanitation facilities and government is not able to reach thousands of children due to security concern which is very unfortunate.


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