Killing of Mullah Nazir


04 January, 2013 

According to media news Militant commander Mullah Nazir has killed in US drone strikes in south Waziristan. Killing of Mullah Nazir in US drone attack is astonishing for people in Pakistan. He was only commander who was supporting government efforts against militants groups and he was considered government big supporter in the area.
Only week ago he survived suicide attack from his rival Hakeemullah Mehsood group. He ordered removal of all militants belong to Hakimullah most of them are involved in heinous crimes against government. Mullah Nazir also signed peace agreement with government and had agreed that he would not allowed militants to use his area against government. Last several years his area was calm and peaceful compare to North Waziristan no major attack reported against government forces. His death is big below for peace efforts in the area and revenge attack can make things bad to worse in future.
According to observers timing of recent drone attack is very significant only days ago Militants offered peace negotiations to government and government and Pakistan army are also seeing peaceful solution to end ten years bloodshed in country and has agreed to negotiate with militants to control growing militancy and raising suicide attacks in country. After recent drone attack and killing of Mullah Nazir is set back for peace negotiations. Some years ago peace agreement with another militants suddenly collapsed after killing of another militant commander Naik Mohammed and killing of several school children after an attack on religious seminary in North Waziristan.
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