Fall of Cricket in Asia.

20 December, 2012 

Recent events in Cricket show that like other sports graph of cricket is also falling in Asian countries. Some years ago it was dream for any country to won series in subcontinent on spin wickets but recent defeats of Sri Lanka and now India have completely changed course of cricket in subcontinent. Only last month Sri Lanka lost series against Australia it was first win of Australian team on Sri Lankan soil. After retirement of key players specially spin wizard Murali Dharan Sri Lanka is struggling with new players.
India also lost series against England after twenty eight years England won test series against India on Indian soil. Trott and Bell complete England historic revival and England captain declared recent success against India more than won in famous Ashes between Australia and England. India is also struggling after retirement of Dravid, Luxman and other key players. True reality is that introduction of T20, IPLs and commercialization of cricket in subcontinent is main cause of poor performance of young payers in test cricket. After increasing trend of IPls and T20 players are still not able to adjust themselves in Test cricket environment. Famous innings of Hanif Mohammed, Sunil Gawasker, Javed Mindad, Saeed Anwar, Arvinda Disilva and Rana Tunga have become dream for cricket fans in subcontinent which is very unfortunate.

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