Target Killing and Unrest in Karachi

Usman Institute of Technology

Two hundred and twenty-seven political activists were murdered in targeted killings that took place in Karachi in the first eight months of current year, said a report of Human Rights Commission of Pakistan (HRCP).

The report entitled ‘Killings in Karachi – January to August 2012’ said overall 1,725 people were killed in Karachi during these eight months. Of them 1,345 people were murdered in target killings, 146 killed in action related to the personnel of law enforcement agencies (LEAs), while 78 children and 107 women were also killed in the city. Forty-nine people were killed in other mishaps.

The report, based on newspaper reports, said 1,345 people were target killed in the city from January to August. Thirty-four people were murdered in sectarian killings, 226 abducted and killed, 493 non-political people and 227 political activists were murdered, two persons burnt to death, 52 people killed by robbers, 137 killed over enmity, 47 dead bodies found, seven security guards murdered, five people killed in prison, 11 killed in bomb blasts, 93 killed in Lyari gang war and 11 killed over karo-kari.

During these eight months 66 people were killed in police encounters, while three killed in alleged police custody. Sixty-eight policemen and eight soldiers/paramilitary personnel embraced martyrdom, while one person was allegedly killed by soldier/paramilitary, says the report.

Seventy-eight children were killed in Karachi from January to August. Of them seven were killed by falling into canals/open drains, seven kids abducted and killed, eight abducted, raped and killed, four killed in Layari gang war, 14 killed by stray bullets, 10 perished in target killings, two killed over karo-kari, sic killed by robbers, seven bodies of newborns were found, two children killed after ransom paid, one child allegedly killed by soldier/paramilitary, three killed on railway track, and one killed on bomb blast.

In the first eight months of the year, 107 women were killed in the city. Of them 39 were killed by relatives, 19 by unidentified people, four were burnt to death, four killed by robbers and four killed in Lyari gang war. Fifteen women were killed over karo-kari, 18 in target killings, one by stray bullets, one by drug addicts, while one woman was killed in bomb blast and one killed in railway track mishap.

The report said 40 people were killed in other mishaps. Of them six were drug addicts who were found dead, 11 killed by stray bullets, 14 men killed on railway tracks, while 18 were killed by consuming toxic wine. ppi

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