Detailed SC verdict

THE detailed Supreme Court verdict must open the rulers’ eyes. The detailed verdict clearly stated that the possible result of contempt of court is five years’ of disqualification from the National Assembly.
It also said the defiance by rulers and their own interpretation of the judgment can paralyse the judiciary.
The speech of the prime minister in parliament after the verdict against him proves that the gulf between rulers and the judiciary is widening. This is unfortunate.
It seems true that after long years of dictatorship the judiciary is still passing through a critical stage of its history in the present democratic setup.
Despite the verdict against him, the PM claims that no one can remove him from power except the parliament.
No one is above the law in a democratic culture. High ranks and positions can’t give permission to anyone to do anything above the law.
Former US president Bill Clinton, French president Francois Mitterrand, Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi had been summoned several times in courts after legal charges. Unfortunately, due to lack of interest and coordination with the judiciary by the ruling class, corruption is rampant.
Most of the corruption scandals involve government officials while ordinary people are paying a high price. Owing to corruption and political interference all major public institutions such as Pakistan Railways, PIA and government banks are on the brink of collapse.
Recently the authorities informed the apex court that a majority of ministers from Balochistan are involved in corruption cases.
Instead of solving problems of the poor and providing relief to the public, political parties are involved in verbal spat and levelling accusations against each other.
The PML (N) boycotted the latest parliament session and announced a long march against the government and claims that after the recent Supreme Court decision the prime minister has lost his credibility.

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