Terrorism: Pakistan’s sacrifices

An Afghan border police officer, right, and a ...

THE US has declared the Haqqani network a terrorist organisation and ordered to freeze all its assets in the US and neighbouring countries. The US has again accused Pakistan of links with Haqqani network which is operating in Afghanistan and Pakistan.
The US has also blamed the Haqqani network for several deadliest attacks on Nato bases in Afghanistan in which several people were killed. Now in his recent meeting with Pakistani foreign minister, the US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton urged Pakistan to do more against militant groups in Pakistani.
Recent allegations by US authorities regarding Pakistan’s alleged links with Haqqani militants are astonishing.
If Pakistan is enjoying good relations with militant groups like Haqqani network then why is the country facing a wave of terrorist and suicide attacks?
On the same day when US authorities made their comments several Pakistani security forces personals lost their lives in an attack on security checkpost on the Pakistan-Afghanistan border.
Next day the militants targeted a high level paramilitary base and Rangers headquarters in the heart of Karachi, killing several people. Several people lost their lives in a busy shopping center in Peshawar when militants targeted a senior police officer. The government supported tribes and peace committee members have become main targets of the militants groups and even mosque, shops, schools are not safe. Attacks by militants from Afghanistan Kunar province in the Pakistani border cities have become a daily routine.
Afghan border cities have become a safe haven for militants but Nato is doing nothing to stop this aggression. After participation in US-led war on terror more than 7,000 Pakistani security personnel have lost their lives which is more than US and Nato soldiers who lost their lives in Afghanistan. Due to increasing militant attacks, Pakistani economy has suffered badly and financial loss now has reached to $68 billion.
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