World hypocrisy at its finest

According to news children living in the Gaza strip are the worst affected by the recent violence. In just two days sixteen children lost their lives. Media is showing horrific pictures of dead and terrified children. An eleven year old child and her mother were massacred when a missile hit their home. BBC’s local bureau chief lost his four years old child due to heavy bombardment in his area. Washington Times published a picture of a crying father holding the body of his dead child on the front page. A five year old girl lost all her fingers due to shrapnel from an explosion near her house.
One farther brought the dead body of his four year old son’s to Egyptian Prime Minster during his visit to Gaza Shifa Hospital. The reality is that Gaza children are paying a heavy price for Israeli’s war ventures in Gaza. The people living in Gaza don’t have any bomb proof shelters, air defense warning system or emergency shelters on roads and markets like Israel does. Crowded Gaza hospitals are trying hard to deal with the worst injured, Israelis air strikes are not surgical nor do they have any specific target, Israel is deliberately targeting densely populated areas full of women and children.
People in the world are astonished to see the double standard of UNO the so-called champion of human rights. Only days ago, UNO celebrated Malala Day for a Pakistani girl, who was injured in a terrorist attack in Swat. From UNO chairman Bankimon to pop star Madonna and UK Prime Minster Gordon Brown to Hollywood star Angelina Jolie, everyone was worried for Malala and now wants to nominate her for a noble prize. The hypocritical aspect amazes the people who follow these stories, on one hand we see the world worried about Malala but no reaction is given to thousands of children dying in Gaza, Kashmir and Afghanistan as well as our own Waziristan by drone attacks.
Jeddah, November 17.
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