Situation in Yemen

Yemen IDPs 7
According to news reports, the Yemeni forces have started a new offensive against militants in the Abayan province in Yemen. Several thousand tribal volunteers are also taking part in the offensive. 
Yemen is seeing the worst in violence and suicide attacks these days. Unfortunately, the Yemeni authorities are making the same mistake that Pakistan made in the past. Yemen has tribal culture like Pakistan. Ten years ago, Pakistan started an offensive against its own tribesmen under the cover of the US drones. However, despite the loss of tens of thousands of soldiers, civilians, in addition to heavy losses to the country›s economy, 

Pakistan is still not able to control the situation and militancy is growing in tribal areas.
The reality is that the current situation in Afghanistan and Pakistan proves that you cannot win a war against your own people and peace cannot be brought through the use of drones. Killing of ordinary people provides more reasons to militants to recruit more individuals and pursue their agenda against the government. After several drone attacks and killing of ordinary people, the rate of suicide attacks has doubled in Yemen. The Yemeni authorities should try to adopt policies that suit their own interests.

 (Khawaja Umer Farooq, Jeddah)
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