Power crisis in Pakistan

Due to constant power failures and long hours of load-shedding, Pakistan is witnessing a large number of public protests these days. Expressing their anger against the government, the protesters have torched several offices of two major politcal parties.
During the peak summer, 18 to 20 hours of load-shedding is making things bad to worse. Power providers claim that due to lack of money and fuel, the power generation is very low. The federal government plans to print extra money and provide it to the providers were highly criticized by economic analysts in the country. Unfortunately, the government-appointed ministers of water and power do not have the ability to prepare any positive strategy. Despite four years of rule, the present government does not have a long term plan to cope up with the worst energy crisis in the country. Due to constant power cuts, small businesses and traders are undergoing huge losses and many have shut their shops, resulting in an increase in unemployment levels.
Pakistan’s exports and textile sector are the worse-affected and businessmen are transferring their businesses to other countries, such as, Bangladesh. The true reality is that an early construction of a dam is necessary for the survival of Pakistan However, due to political uncertainties and a lack of government interest, no new dam has been constructed in the country.
(Khawaja Umer Farooq, Jeddah)
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