Pakistani media

A leaked video, which is widely circulating on several Pakistani news channels and the social media, claims to show the dark side of the Pakistani media. The country’s media and its famous talk shows have received a serious blow and have lost their credibility after the surfacing of the video, which shows an off-record conversation between two famous talk show hosts and a controversial construction tycoon. Rumors are abuzz that some top TV anchors received huge amounts of money, property and other benefits from the construction tycoon, who is involved in a legal battle with the son of the chief justice of Pakistan’s Supreme Court. Now, media ethics, code of conduct and media accountability are hot topics for discussions across the country.
 The conversation revealed that a certain famous talk show had been fixed to favor the construction tycoon. During the program, the two hosts received several calls from its viewers, including the prime minster’s son and the TV channel’s owner. The chief justice has rightly said that this is a conspiracy against the judiciary. Some sources are using the top construction tycoon against the judiciary, which is very unfortunate. The reality is that after the recent rulings of the Supreme Court against the prime minster and the disqualification of the interior minster, a few hidden miscreants are trying to target the judiciary and the chief justice. — Khawaja Umer Farooq, Jeddah
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