Pakistan verdict

Supreme Court of Pakistan
Supreme Court of Pakistan 

The recent verdict of Pakistan’s Supreme Court in the contempt of court case is enough to open the eyes of the ruling class in Pakistan. The detailed verdict clearly stated that the contempt of court act recently passed by the national assembly is designed to save the new prime minister from possible contempt of court. It now seems true that the gulf is widening between Pakistan’s ruling class and its judiciary, which is very unfortunate. Amid severe corruption and the failure of the parliament and the political parties, the Supreme Court is the only hope of the people of Pakistan. The brave decisions of the Supreme Court and the Chief Justice of Pakistan against privatization of Pakistan Steel, Swiss Bank corruption cases, NRO, rental power plants corruption, and case of missing persons were highly appreciated by the masses. It was the first time in the country’s history that the Supreme Court summoned several top officials of Pakistan’s powerful secret agencies in several cases.

The government is now using the parliament to minimize the role of the judiciary, which is very shameful in the democratic culture. After long years of dictatorship, judiciary is still passing through a critical stage. The reality is that in democratic culture, no one is above the law. High ranks and positions do not give the license to anyone to do anything above the law. Former US President Bill Clinton, French President Francisco Mitra and Former Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi were all summoned several times in courts after legal charges.

Unfortunately, due to a lack of interest and a lack of coordination between the judiciary and the ruling class, corruption is becoming a part and parcel of the country’s daily life. Most corruption stories are coming from government camps and ordinary people are paying the high price. Due to corruption and political interference, all major public institutions, such as, the Pakistan Railways, Pakistan International Airlines and government banks are having their last breaths. The country is passing though the worst stage in history and instead of solving problems, all major political parties are jostling for power. 

Khawaja Umer Farooq, 
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