Negotiations better than wars

U.S Army Soldiers cross the Arghandab River to...
Several conflicts in present world prove that wars only cause harm to the country, and these wars are promoted by countries that have a vested interest, such as taking control of large oil reserves, as in the case of Iraq or minerals in a country, or selling their weapons, as the continued Afghanistan war proves. Wars only bring economic destruction to a country. Most of the developed countries, and some of the underdeveloped countries have realised the truth of this ideology and have resolved long lasting wars and internal strife by negotiations.
Three months ago, the Colombian government signed a peace agreement with the FARC rebels to start peace process to end the 60 year old armed conflict which cost thousands of innocent lives. Now the Philippines government and the Moro Islamic Liberation Front have agreed on a peace plan, after 40 years of bloodshed which took lives of several thousand people. The agreement was reached after several rounds of talks between Philippine government and Liberation Front.
These examples tell us that we have to look for negotiations with the tribal leaders to finish the conflict in Waziristan as well as resolve the Balohistan issue by talks and bring peace and prosperity, to not only the country but this region as well.
Jeddah, October 7.
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