Miners’ safety

English: Albanian miners protesting over their...
English: Albanian miners protesting over their working conditions, in front of the prime minister’s office, taken in Tirana. Français : Mineurs albanais manifestant contre leur conditions de travail, devant les bureaux du premier ministre, à Tirana. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Despite hard work and tough working conditions, the mining industry is passing through its worst period in history as increasing mining incidents have become a big question for the conscience of the modern world. Poor people are mostly attached with this profession because despite terrible working conditions and low wages, they don’t have a choice to leave. The killing of 34 miners outside the largest South African copper mines again highlighted the problems of the mining industry. According to news reports, President Jacob Zuma personally visited the area after the killings and offered his condolences to the bereaved families. The miners were protesting against low wages and working conditions in the copper mines. Only some months ago, a group of Chilean miners received a heroic welcome all over the world after a successful rescue operation. They were trapped more than 700 meters beneath the earth for over two months. Several miners are still facing economic problems and mental disorders and have got very little support from the government. Most modern countries like China, Russia and US are some of the worst places for miners, where serious incidents of their deaths are commonly reported.

 — Khawaja Umer Farooq, Jeddah

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