Helping Yemen overcome crisis

Jeddah Saudi Arabia
Jeddah Saudi Arabia 
According to reports, Saudi Arabia has pledged $ 3.25 billion aid to its neighbor Yemen for development projects and to ensure the country’s security and stability. At a time when world is passing through worst economic and financial crises, Saudi government has set great examples for others to emulate. Yemen is struggling to counter an alarming humanitarian crisis as more than half of its population is living under poverty while unemployment and militancy is increasing in the country.
Recently, a suicide bomber killed 96 soldiers in a massive attack in the heart of Sanaa and two other would-be attackers were arrested. The fact is that poverty, hunger and unemployment are the main reasons of terrorism in different parts of the world. Most of the countries affected by terrorism don’t have enough resources to provide better standard of living, employment and basic necessities to their people. This is the main reason why countries like Afghanistan, Pakistan, Somalia and Yemen have become breeding grounds for militancy. Due to poverty and unemployment militant organizations find it easy to hire new recruits and use them according to their wishes. Past experience proved that growing militancy can’t be contained through the use of power, airstrikes and killing people. Financial assistance, employment opportunities and development can provide better results in fighting terrorism and militancy.
(Khawaja Umer Farooq, Jeddah)
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