Fighting for a noble cause

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This is in response to the letter, “Many Malalas in Pakistan” by Khawaja Umer Farooq. I know Farooq is not the only one questioning the worldwide focus on Malala Yousufzai. There are many more like him in Pakistan, especially the religious hard-liners, who are accusing the teenager of being a US spy and someone who has been propped by the Zionists.
Conspiracy theorists are working overtime.
Some of them are unhappy over the fact that why so much national and international media coverage is being given to only Malala when hundreds of other girls like her have been killed by Taleban during the last 10 years.

To all of them I would say — there may be many Malalas in Pakistan but there is only one Malala Yousufzai; the one whose un-compromised mission for girls’ education earned her worldwide fame. She is the only one because her sacrifices toward a noble cause have changed the tide against the extremism in Pakistan. There are number of events and personalities in the world who single-handed changed the course of history.
Just to refresh the memory, I would mention of Rosa Parks whose defiance against racial segregation boosted the rights campaign in the US, terrorists attacks on 9/11 changed the world forever, assassination of Austrian prince Ferdinand by a Serb initiated the World War I, Pearl Harbor attack forced the US to join the allied forces in World War II, death of Tarek Al-Tayeb Mohamed Bouazizi sparked the Arab Spring.
In my opinion conspiracy theorists shall stop smelling conspiracy in Malala’s shooting as Pakistani nation is getting united in its resolve to root out the terrorists once for all. I call on Khawaja and others to help Pakistan’s Army to achieve this goal.
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