Bloodshed in Syria

Saturday 20 October 2012
Last Update 19 October 2012 1:59 am
In his recent speech Turkey’s Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan rightly said that due to the silence of the international community, Balkan-like tragedy is developing in Syria and the whole region might be affected from the worsening situation in the country.
In the Balkan conflict involving Bosnia, Serbia and Croatia, thousands of people lost their lives before the United Nations and the world community realized the gravity of the situation. Now in Syria too, the UN has been excruciatingly slow in chalking out any concrete plan to avoid the bloodshed and loss of thousands of innocent lives.
Neighboring countries are also bearing the brunt of what is happening in Syria. Tension is mounting between Turkey and Syria after killing of six Turkish nationals when a mortar hit their house allegedly fired by the Syrian forces. Turkey has already deployed its fighter jets and heavy weapons to its border with Syria.
Turkey’s Parliament has also passed a resolution granting permission to its forces to retaliate if there is an aggression or provocation from the other side. Turkey is already hosting 80,000 Syrian refugees on humanitarian grounds. Lebanon is also paying a high price and many of its nationals lost their lives in clashes between supporters and opponents of Bashar Assad.
Jordan is also hosting thousands of Syrian refugees. Brutal killings in Houla by the regime forces and humanitarian crises in Homs, Hama and other cities should have been enough for the world community to act before it’s too late. — Khawaja Umer Farooq, Jeddah

Lets rephrase this so its a little closer to the truth.
Balkan’s The US government (military planers) sore an opportunity to expand in to eastern Europe. Convincing Nato to break its terms of reference (It was a defence force before this which the US convinced to become an invasion force) The US used all of its stored conventional munitions (it got to the stage of converting nuclear bombs to conventional) on killing anything that moved and then installed puppet Pro US governments throughout the region.
Turkey: The US has been training and organising the funding of terrorists in turkey who then enter Syria to over-through the Syrian government. It has been doing this for over 2 years alongside the propaganda campaign.
This is the softening up stage.
The US now has main battle tanks on the Jordan boarder waiting for the opportunity to sweep in and continue the slaughter that they have been specialising in for years.(will your country be next once they have finished?)
The Turkish government gave its approval. (not the population)
Democracy? The theory is great……..Unfortunately has also been stolen by the US government. In Africa, Near East, and Europe the US government funds fake Democracy organisations. 
Then you have the old bitter woman Hillary Clinton who sold her sole to the hard core pro Israeli lobby in the US for her political position. Always looking for the fast buck for the US and quite happy to see slaughtered anyone who gets in her way.
Then Lets look at Somalia….Over a million people displaced and yet you make no comment. Prison camps(slave/torture?) set up in Puntuland (northern Somalia) More in Kenya
The invasion was organised by the UK and US mostly letting others do the bloody work of slaughtering anyone who opposes them. another Puppet government put in place and still paid for by the UK (and US?).(Or organised for others to fund eg EU aid funds for surrounding countries)
The money the US has spent in slaughtering people across the Middle east in the last 11 years could have created mixed forest and farm land that could have completely covered the Sahara desert

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