A hero returns

The World Snooker Championship Trophy on displ...
The World Snooker Championship Trophy on display 
Pakistan’s Muhammad Asif became the World Snooker Champion after defeating Gary Wilson of Britain in a long, thrilling nine hours final, of the World Snooker Championship. Muhammad Asif became the second Pakistani to win the world snooker championship after Mohammed Yousef. After sixteen years Pakistan regained World Snooker Champion title and Mohammed Asif received a hero’s welcome at Karachi International Airport.
Despite facing hardship and having limited resources Asif‘s struggle and success journey is a great motivational lesson for the younger generation of Pakistan. Despite lack of government support and a coach or manager Asif won the world championship title. Asif is still jobless and running a small snooker club in front of his house after government’s refusal to support him. The local snooker association collected funds for his journey and provided him with necessary assistance. Unfortunately due to popularity of cricket in Pakistan, government has not encouraged any other sport. Due to lack of government support, poor training facilities, financial difficulties several talented sportsmen, like Asif, are unable to continue their journey to success. I think that the government should tap into the unlimited youth of our country and provide assistance to them to achieve glory not only for themselves but also for the country.
Jeddah, December 4.
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