PA move leaves Israel, US in the lurch


Saturday 1 December 2012
Last Update 30 November 2012 8:12 pm
In a historic move, the UN General Assembly overwhelmingly voted in favor of Palestine Authority as a non-observer state according to 1967 borders with Israel. It seems that Israel with its closest ally United States will be left alone in other UN forums too.
After the recent Israeli aggression in Gaza, the victory in UN General Assembly is a big win for the Palestinians. The three permanent members of the Security Council — France, Russia, China — along with other countries voted in favor of the Palestinian bid for independent observer state inUnited Nations despite stiff opposition by US, Israel and its close allies to the PA’s recent move. 
Israel fears that after having got the status of Independent observer states, Palestine can challenge Israel’s war crimes in International Criminal Court. US secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu had urged the Palestine Authority to begin dialogue with Israelis and solve crisis through negotiations instead of going to UNO and seeking status for an independent state. The reality is that despite long negotiations and several road peace maps presented by the US authorities including those by President Obama in the last 45 years, the Palestinian people got nothing but deaths, destructions and long siege of Gaza. Despite serious reservations of world community and US itself, Israeli’s illegal constructions are still going on. Things having been goingfrom bad to worse after Israeli continued air strikes at Gaza and other places recently. Killing of innocent women and children by using F16s, drones, and guided missiles has become a big challenge for the conscience of the modern world. After the miserable role played by US, Israel andworld community, the PA had rightly decided to go to UN and get the status of an independent status through its General Assembly. When East Timor and the South Sudan can get their own independent states through UN resolutions, then why not the Palestine people can do the same? —Khawaja Umer FarooqJeddah

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