Other side of Hurricane Sandy


Wednesday 7 November 2012
Last Update 6 November 2012 9:31 pm
Unfortunately, world media have failed to show another side of Hurricane Sandy while focusing all their coverage on the United States. The other side of the disaster is not seen on television or in newspapers or electronic media.
The hurricane also struck Cuba, Haiti and the Dominican Republic. People lost their homes and businesses and now find it hard to provide daily necessities for their families. Haiti, which had not finished rebuilding after a devastating earthquake in 2010, is worst affected.
Due to the massive storms and high tides, 70 people lost their lives and large portions of farmland were wiped out, raising fears of food shortage in the country. Coastal areas are still underwater and 370,000 people are still living in camps after the devastating earthquake.
Aid agencies warn of another cholera outbreak due to worsening sanitation and living conditions. After Sandy, several new cases of cholera were reported. The Haitian government has already appealed for international help but due to economic crises the world response is very slow.
Cuba is also badly affected with the cost of damages estimated at $ 88 million. The country is also looking for foreign help to control the situation. — Khawaja Umer FarooqJeddah

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