Global warming

Global warming ubx
According to media reports people of New York City and much of the US East Coast braced themselves for the arrival of Hurricane Sandy. New York City shut down its mass transit system, closed its schools and ordered hundreds of thousands of people to flee their homes Sunday in the face of dire predictions about the hurricane.
According to initial warnings, it could be the largest storm – with a diameter of more than 1,500 kilometers when measured by the extent of damaging-force winds — to hit the United States. The storm sheer size and power not the intensity at its core poses the gravest danger. Seven thousand flights around the city have already canceled or rescheduled. On the instructions of city Mayor Michael Bloomberg 375,000 people are migrating from low lying areas to high areas.

Due to the global warming, we are seeing worst kinds of flooding, hurricanes and droughts in many countries. Not only poor countries but rich countries are also a paying a high price for natural disasters. Now from China to Russia and Australia to the US, no one is safe. Only month ago more than half million population migrated from flood affected areas of China, just days ago Russia also witnessed its worst floods of its recent history.

Last year floods in Australia destroyed thousands of acres of land and homes. Unfortunately despite growing global warming and increasing natural disasters, world community has failed to control raising temperature of earth which is main cause of this type of disasters and ordinary people are falling victims. Due to selfishness of big powers, last global summit failed to bring about any positive change and big powers are still blaming each other for raising level of carbon on earth. Record numbers of floods and hurricanes are adding to woes of already weak world economy. Only combined efforts of modern world can minimize these natural disasters.

— Khawaja Umer Farooq, Jeddah



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