Countering terror in Pakistan

According to media reports, Pakistan’s government has suspended mobile phone services in major cities to prevent terror attacks on Muharram processions after 40 people were killed in last two days prior to the ban. In his recent press conference Interior Minister Rehman Malik claimed that militants often detonate bombs using cell phones and militants are organizing their terror activities through mobile phones. In modern world we can’t see any example when any country suspends mobile phone services to counter terror threats. Government had also clamped a ban on motorcycle ride in several cities two weeks ago but after the Supreme Court’s stricture, the government took back its decision. In Pakistan usually poor people use motorcycles. Pakistan is home to millions of mobile phone users and they are facing many difficulties after the suspension of mobile phone networks. In case of any terrorist activity and emergency, most people even cant contact their love ones. Mobile phone service providers have also lost million of rupees due to sudden suspension of their networks. As a matter of fact the government is taking a bizarre step to deal with terror threats as it is still not able to prepare any long-term concrete strong strategy against terrorist activities in the country. After suspension of mobile phone services terrorist activities are still continuing. 

Khawaja Umer FarooqJeddah

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