Afghan quagmire

Honor guard of the Afghan National Army during...

Saturday 24 November 2012
Last Update 23 November 2012 9:06 pm
According to media reports, Pakistan has agreed to release several top Taleban prisoners including former Taleban Shoura member Mullah Brother who was arrested two years ago. Pakistan’s decision comes after a recent visit of high-ranking Afghan delegation to Pakistan. The United Nations would also remove names of several top Taleban high-ranking officials from the UN sanctions list. Now it seems true that reconciliation efforts are under way before the panned withdrawal of NATO forces from Afghanistan next year. Decade of Afghan war proves that dialogue is last solution of every war. French forces have already ended their ten-year long journey in Afghanistan and Britain is also planning to reduce its forces before NATO’s completewithdrawal. Although security of sensitive areas like Helmond, Lushker Gah and Kapisa has already been handed over to Afghan forces but things are going from bad to worse everywhere. Recent assessment shows grim pictures of Afghan and observers claims that after the withdrawal of NATO forces, inexperienced Afghan forces without much weapons would not be able to control the situation.
 Khawaja Umer FarooqJeddah

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